Gold Coast: Ultimate Places to Camp for Free in your Car

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Are you travelling to the Gold Coast and want to sleep for free in your car? We are collecting the best free camping spots around Australia. With our guides you can easily find a free place to stay in your car also in Australian cities.


UPDATE: Find all our free camping spots and vanlife tips around Australia on our new map service.

Don’t settle for a free spot – find the best one at the Gold Coast

Finding a place to spend the nights in the car at the Gold Coast is not that difficult. There is many parks and residential areas, where you can hide your van for a couple of days. Please, always keep in mind residents, so that other backpackers will also be tolerated to sleep in their vans.

We stayed at a park in Surfers Paradise as well, until we found the perfect places to camp for free. It is right at the Gold Coast and you still wake up in the middle of nature and can enjoy your breakfast right by the beach.

The places are close to each other at a peninsula near Sea World. For the exact location see the map below. You can find public showers along the beach, for example in Surfers Paradise.

The Spit – Main Beach / Sea World

Main Beach at The Spit is right next to Sea World. The parking area is hidden from the main road and only few steps away from the beach. It’s a superb place for backpackers.

If you are thinking about staying at the parking area of Sea World, so you are safe of fines issued by rangers, please keep in mind that Sea World is aware of backpackers staying on their parking area. We are not aware with what consequences. Please share your experiences in the comments below.


Doug Jennings Park

Doug Jennings Park is located at the end of The Spit, on the same peninsula as “Main Beach”. This place is as well close to the beach. There is plenty of space for many backpackers. You can drive around a bit and find your favorite spot.


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  • Major Tom Tate
    22/06/2019 at 18:43

    Parking/Camping at The Spit or Doug Jennings Park (anywhere near Sea World or Main Beach for that matter) between 8pm – 6am is now ILLEGAL.
    The Gold Coast City Council and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority have a Mutual Trust Agreement whereby Police will FINE persons/vehicles who are present overnight.
    The PENALTIES are $120.00 on-the-spot fines or up to $1,200.00 if taken to Court for repeat offenders.

    Guide To Using Doug Jennings Park:

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